Shade Questions

Most people like to get more than one quote, so we have put together some important questions for you to ask, to help you with the process.

10 Questions you need answered before selecting your shade sail installer

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Does your manufacturer pattern their sails on CAD software? Tick Box Box
Can they create a 3D image of my sail if required?
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Once the design is finished, can they show me where the shadows will fall at different times of day?

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Do they use a plotter to mark out the shade sail? Tick Box Box
Do they cut individual cables for each side to provide better tensioning? Tick Box Box
Do they use a hydraulic swaging press to fix off the cables for a nice, tight finish? Tick Box Box
Do they use a twin needle machine to sew the shades to provide a
consistent distance between stitches?
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When transported are their sails boxed for protection? Tick Box Box
Will they supply me with all the shade specifications once the
sail is complete?
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Do they keep my sail specs on record in case I need a replacement? and for how long? Tick Box Box

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