Aqualux Inground Swimming Pool Surface Finish

What is the best surface finish for an inground pool?

Aqualux is strong enough to hold this 4WD!

A great swimming pool is beautiful, water-tight, durable, smooth-to-touch, and low maintence. Aqualux is all this and more - making it the ultimate pool surface finish for any inground pool. Specially formulated for the harsh Australian climate, Aqualux is also treated to resist bacteria, making it incredibly easy to keep clean. Whether you are replacing an existing inground pool liner, or renovating a painted, pebbled, tiled or even fibreglass inground pool, there are many reasons to line it with Aqualux instead of the existing surface finish. Click here for a chart comparing most popular pool finishes and see for yourself why many people choose to line their concrete and fibreglass swimming pools with Aqualux pool interior.

ABGAL only work with Aqualux - which is especially formulated for the harsh Australian climate. In recent years, some cheap imitations have come into the Australian market - a few have even copied our patterns and use similar names, making it very hard for pool owners to tell the difference. Make sure your pool builder is using genuine Aqualux - don't settle for a cheaper, inferior product.

What makes an Aqualux pool finish better than a standard inground pool liner?

  • Each one is custom made to order, using genuine Aqualux material.
  • Aqualux is the only finish which will not crack, chip, peel or flake.
  • Incredibly flexible - ideal for areas subject to ground movement.
  • Australia's largest range of colours & patterns.
  • High quality pigments mean colours stay brighter, for longer.
  • Wider panels mean less seams than a regular pool liner.
  • Treated to resist algae - no need for scrubbing.
  • Smart Seam joins leave no folds inside the pool for dirt to get trapped in.
  • Made in Queensland, Australia, by a family owned company.
  • Peace of mind with a 12 year pro-rata warranty.
  • Custom made to measure, for a perfect fit.
  • Steps, deep ends, bar stools and more can all be incorporated.
  • State of the art software makes 3D measuring for complicated pools easy. 

DIY - Can I install my own pool liner?

The liner is carefully fitted around tiles

Replacing a pool liner in an above ground pool is relatively easy. While the the theory behind installing a liner into an inground pool is very similar, it is not the same, and there are a lot of reasons why you should never try it! For a high quality result, an Aqualux membrane should always be fitted by an experienced installer. They will prepare your pool shell, and take precise measurements, to ensure it will fit your pool perfectly. A specialist fixing extrusion is used to secure it around tile borders, steps, skimmer mouths and other pool fixtures. Once in position, it is then vacuum-sealed to form a smooth skin, and is then ready to be filled with water.

Once your pool has been prepared, and the membrane is made, a typical installation will be complete, and your pool ready to swim in again within 48 hours.

Click here to read more about the installation process.

Renovating or repairing a leaking concrete pool?

Renovation with 3D steps

Aqualux is suitable for all inground swimming pool renovations. Once installed, it will keep your pool shell water-tight for years to come. It can be installed into ANY brand, ANY size, ANY shape and ANY make of pool, and will not chip, flake or crack.

Concrete, shotcrete, marbelite, fibreglass, pebble and tile pools can all be resurfaced with Aqualux, and will give you an excellent result - guaranteed!

Find out more about pool renovations using Aqualux here.

You can watch the installation process in a tiled pool in this timelapse video.

Aqualux comes in a range of beautiful designer colours and patterns

An award winning pool in 'Dark Blue'

This season's range offers a choice of colours and patterns. Your installer will have material swatches you can look at, and even sit inside your pool. If you are looking at photographs, bear in mind that the same colour or print can appear quite different depending on lighting and surrounds, so always consider your own pool environment when making a selection.

Image Gallery- click to see photos of inground pools lined with Aqualux.