What you need to know about replacing a vinyl liner in an inground swimming pool

If you have a vinyl lined inground swimming pool that is faded or leaking, an Aqualux pool membrane is for you.

You have an inground pool with a vinyl liner as a surface finish - it's faded, leaking or has a hole in it - so it's time to replace the liner. Aqualux is the answer!

Aqualux is the ultimate pool finish - and an Aqualux finish made by ABGAL has many benefits over a standard inground pool liner:

Better Joins  An Aqualux Pool Finish manufactured by ABGAL has smaller joins, and they are less visible than those on inground pool liners made by other manufaturers.

Easier to keep clean  ABGAL'S unique, specialist joining process leaves no folds of material inside the pool - so unlike traditional welding methods, there is nowhere for dirt to get trapped. The Aqualux material itself is also treated to resist algae, so your pool will never require scrubbing - Aqualux is the lowest maintenance pool finish available.

Brighter Colours  Aqualux uses the highest quality pigments, and special Ultraviolet inhibitors are added to the formulation to ensure colours resist sun damage for the long haul. Aqualux gives you Australia's largest range of colours and designer patterns.

Guaranteed to last  An Aqualux pool interior comes with a 12 year, pro rata warranty, but most last well beyond that. With proper care and in the right conditions, a 15+ year life expectancy is not unusual.

Made in Australia  ABGAL are a 100% Australian owned, family business, just half an hours drive south of Brisbane, Queensland. By buying ABGAL, you are buying a premium quality product and supporting Australian manufacturing too!

A pool builder told me I should get rid of my liner and fibreglass it instead. Is this possible?

Fibreglass peeling away from pool walls

Sure it's possible on some pool builds, but a definate no on others. If it's a tiled, fibreglass, rendered or pebble pool that has been converted over to vinyl, you should be able to fibreglass it, but if it was converted over because of ground movement, that issue will still be present, so you are unlikely to get good result with any finish other than vinyl. Only Aqualux remains flexible, able to accommodate pool structure movement while remaining watertight.

If your pool shell is a prefabricated panel walled pool (such as Pool Fab, Albatross, Pioneer, Tracey Wickham, Gibralter, Blakeway), then no, it is not suitable for any surface finish other than vinyl. These pools have been engineered for a flexible finish, and renovating them using a hard finish such as pebble or fibreglass is incredibly high risk, with very little reward. If there is any ground movement at all, the pools inevitably crack and leak, and the owners end up having to pay to have them converted back to a flexible finish like vinyl again within 2-5 years.

How long will it take to replace my pool liner?

Once you've selected your Aqualux installation specialist, and chosen the colour you want, your liner replacement is likely to be completed within a couple of weeks, depending on how busy the installer is, and the scope of work required. The membrane itself will take between 5 and 7 days to manufacture, and a fairly standard time line would go something like this:

Day 1: Drain the pool and measure it up and order the Aqualux finish.

Day 2 - 4: Prepare the pool shell - repair any surface cracks, make any structural changes (such as adding steps or a bench) and replace fixing strips if needed. It's also a good time to change any lights over to the newer LED styles.

 As soon as the new pool interior arrives (if you are lucky enough to live near Brisbane your installer will probably pick it up from our factory the day it is made), so yours will be a bit quicker than it will be for one that has to be freighted to New Zealand or Paris (and yes, we really do send them to installers in Europe).

Once the membrane is on site, the installation itself is generally completed within the day, sometimes stretching out to two days depending on how long it takes to re-fill the pool.