Leaf covers for above ground swimming pools

Leafstop™ Pool Covers

This lightweight and easy to use pool cover is made from a high tech, exclusively blended, micro mesh fabric that stops leaves from getting in, but allows rain water through.

As well as keeping leaves and debris out, a Leafstop cover will also reduce evaporation by around half, therefore reducing chemical use.

It has a generous overlap in excess of 300mm to allow for fitting over the pool coping and ladder - and is supplied with a marine grade stretch cord (bungee cord) which is threaded through grommets in the hem, and the cover simply stretches over the pool's top rail like a big shower cap!.

The grommets are fitted at 400mm (approx 15") spacings so you can tie down the cover and use it with a pool cover float.

Leafstop is suitable for all above ground shaped and Intex / KD style pools, and comes in a wide range of standard sizes and shapes, including keyhole, rectangular and teardrop.

For large pools, Leafstop covers can be easily 'built' using special modular panels. Modular panels are supplied as end and centre panels, and do require assembly.

Pool Cover Floats

Pool Float

The use of pool cover floats is recommended to support the middle of the cover, and keep it from sitting in the water. By raising the cover to around 0.5m above the water level, it creates a small dome effect, preventing leaves and debris from pooling on top.

You can use this guide to calculate the number of floats required for your sized pool. 

Less than 5.5m (18') 1 to 2 Floats
5.5m (18') to 7.6m (25') 2 to 3 Floats
7.6m (25') to 9.4m (31') 3 to 4 Floats
9.4m (31') to 12.2m (40') 4 to 5 Floats

For large pools, floats can be joined together using 3mm clothes line cord. By joining your floats together and tethering them to the sides of the pool, you can keep them in the centre of the pool to ensure the dome stays in the correct position for run-off.

Optional Cable & Tightener Stystem

AC Cable secures a Leafstop cover in high winds

A Leafstop cover is supplied as standard with a stretch bungee cord for quick and easy installation and removal. However, for long term coverage, you may wish to purchase a cable and winch-styled tightener to secure the cover. The plastic coated, stainless steel cable and winch system helps you to secure the cover more firmly - ideal for long periods or high wind areas. Can be easily fitted to a new or existing cover.

Decked in Pools

Decked in poolsWhile Leafstop is generally used 'shower cap style' on above ground pools, it is sometimes installed on pools which have been decked in, as a budget alternative to a fitted Pooltex cover. To fasten your Leafstop Cover to a timber deck, you will need to drill a few holes in your deck, and purchase some shockcord or synthetic rope, and some 6mm zincalume or stainless steel eyebolts from your local hardware store. 

The eyebolts are secured by tension only - they are not screwed or bolted into place. The eyebolts simply drop into the hole, and the tension of the cover pulling sideways holds the eyebolt in place. The eyebolts remain attached to the cover, so that when the cover is removed from the pool, there are no fasteners left on the timber deck to trip on. Detailed installation instructions are supplied with your new Leafstop Cover.