Liner Fixing Systems

Fixing extrusions are used to attach a pool liner to the pool wall. The type of extrusion needed will vary depending on the situation.

'Quick Fix' Extrusion ( above ground pools)


Quick Fix' above ground track and welded bead system is aimed at new above ground pools which are going to be decked in. It simply hangs over the pool wall, giving a better bead receiver. Once it is installed, there is no need to disassemble any part of the pool wall for future liner replacements, allowing liners to be replaced faster and easier - perfect for pools that have been decked in and will have no access to the top coping rail.

Welded Bead Types

Welded Bead

ABGAL has 3 types of Welded Bead to choose from, to suit Albatross and other popular brands. The bead is welded to the liner in the factory, and can be attached facing towards the water or away from the water. Welded bead type liners are used with a T-Lock extrusion or retainer. The bead pushes into the receptor and is locked into place.

Retainer & Capping

Retainer Extrusion

Other fixing systems include the ABGAL Retainer which is a flexible hook type acceptor that fastens to the inside wall of the pool.

Retainer Extrusion in use

The Retainer can be used with welded bead or with Capping for overlap type liners. The wall height of the liner can then be adjusted during installation. This system is ideal for above water fixing where the pool may have overhanging bullnose brickwork or paving stones coping. Retainers and capping are made from flexible PVC which can easily fit tight radius corners.


Waterline Fixing

ABGAL has a variety of fixing systems including the incredible Waterline flexible PVC extrusion that seals the whole liner completely underwater. This allows you to use a ceramic tile band (coping) around the top of the pool, on bench seats and step areas then a low maintenance vinyl finish covers the rest of the pool.

T-Lock Retainer ( 2 part Above the Water Fixing System)

t-lock male

The T-Lock extrusion is a smaller profile and designed for fixing vinyl liners above the water. Unlike the Waterline extrusion, T-Lock is designed to lock a beaded liner in place while providing a clean, neat looking edge to where the liner is fastened.

The Locking Strip is available in black, beige, aqua and blue, to match popular liner colours.

Liner Measuring Forms

For installers who prefer to work with markout forms, they can be downloaded from the markouts section of the website.  Markouts can be completed via PDF and emailed, or completed online using Measure Wizard, our exclusive measuring and ordering portal.

3D Measuring of Complex Pools

Measuring Device
Way back in the 1980’s, ABGAL pioneered the world’s first 3D pool liner measuring system for complex shaped concrete and fibreglass pools using a laser optical device.

It was a highly accurate system, well ahead of its time, and we still use it to this day – in fact, some manufacturers are only just adopting the technology now, 40 years later!

While laser measuring is still an excellent method, the tools are extremely expensive, and out of reach for many. As an alternative to hiring or buying expensive equipment, ABGAL developed another industry first – Photo Measure.

Photo Measure allows for a very complicated pool to measured using photos taken on a mobile phone. Special targets are placed around the pool, and a series of photos are taken from different positions. The photos are then uploaded through our portal, along with a few check measurements, and our design team use the images to create a 3D pattern of the pool.