A reel system makes using a pool blanket easy

Reel Image

Dragging a pool blanket on and off your pool all the time can be difficult - and the fact is, if using your pool cover is not convenient, you're not going to use it as much as you should.

A HydroTools™ Solar Reel helps you to roll your blanket on and off the pool, quickly and easily. All HydroTools™ Reels include adjustable blanket fasteners, a quality protective cover and flexible fittings that make installing and using your pool cover and reel, easy!

Reels for Inground Pools

We have several reel models suitable for inground pools, or pools with a decked surrounding. All models are available with lockable castors for mobility. With adjustable length tubes, from 2.4m to 7m wide, suitable of taking covers up to 20m long, there is one to suit most domestic pools. For reels for wider/longer pools, please see our Commercial Pool Reel options.

Pegasus | HSTR

  • Electro-polished Stainless Steel.
  • Stylish, minimalist design.
  • Suits pools up to 6.7m wide.
Pegasus HSTR - For inground pools

Spartan Bench | HSBD

  • 100% Australian Made
  • Quality Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Fully functional bench seat.
Spartan HSBD - For inground pools


  • Available in white or black.
  • Adjustable or fixed height.
  • Fixed height 395mm base to tube.
  • Adjustable height up to 150mm.
  • Sturdy, quality construction.
HRSTB Endurance - for inground pools

Arcadia | HTRB

  • Black powder coated.
  • Simple, A-Frame design.
  • Reel on one end only.
Arcadia HTRB - For inground pools

Heavy Duty Endurance | HRYJT/HRYJM

  • White only.
  • Larger diameter tube for longer blankets up to 6.7m wide.
  • Adjustable height 585 – 925mm.
  • Higher axle position for less bending while rolling the cover in.
Heavy Duty Endurance | HRYJT/HRYJM

Reels for above ground pools

If your above ground pool is large, and pulling your solar cover off to swim is getting hard, don’t worry – there are reel options to suit.

If your pool is decked in, you can use any of the reels listed above. If not, there are two options, specifically for above ground pools.

Advanced Frame Clip | HRA6

  • White only, handle grip.
  • Suits pools up to 5m wide with a 120mm top rail.
  • Optional Pipe frame clamp adapts to fit Intex pools .
Reel for above ground pool - HRA6

Eros | HRAK

  • White only, Fixed height.
  • Attaches to pool frame.
  • Anodised, extendable tube.
Reel for above ground pool - HRAK

How long does a pool reel system last? 

Rollers from the HydroTools™ Endurance Range have a 5 year pro-rata warranty, and the HydroTools™ Advanced Range have a 3 year pro-rata warranty.

You may find similar looking reels online at cheaper prices, but be aware these will not be Hydrotools brand, and will be a different quality - many have only a 12 month warranty, and others offer as little as 30 days. Cheap blanket reels generally don't come with an overcover either. All Hydrotools reels are supplied with an overcover.

Reel Image

Regardless of which reel or which solar cover you have, when your pool cover is rolled up on the reel, you should always use a protective overcover. The overcover stops the solar blanket from overheating and getting roller burn.

The protective overcover supplied with the Hydrotools Reels is white on top, and silver underneath, and comes with eyelets fitted, and bungee cord to secure it to the roller. If you do not have an overcover, you can purchase one separately, or use a reflective tarp to keep the sun off the rolled up cover.

Commercial Reels

Reel for commercial pool with printed overcover

ABGAL have a range of heavy duty reels available to suit commercial pools. Please go to our Commercial Pools page for more information.

Assembly Video

Where to position the reel

Where is the best place to put my reel? On a rectangular pool, the reel can sit at one end of the pool. For a kidney, round or irregular shaped pool, the reel should sit across the pool, at the widest part. The tube should be approx. 30cm wider than the pool. Watch the video below for more details.