AquaForce – The Ultimate interior for Commercial Pools

Created specifically for commercial pools, AquaForce is a safe, flexible and water-tight membrane for all pool builds

Murri School Pool ImageAn AquaForce commercial pool membrane:

  • Prevents leaks and cracks.
  • Saves water and maintenance costs.
  • Rejuvenates old pools.
  • Is smooth to touch.
  • Is durable.
  • Offers unlimited freedom of shape and design.
  • Is easy to maintain.
  • Has a 10 year limited warranty.

AquaForce uses new millennium polymer technology that fuses together 3 plies to form a strong, flexible and impervious skin. The first layer has high dimensionable stability and tensile strength. The second is a scrim or web material controlling stretch, while the third and external layer has been designed with a tactile surface to interact with water, chemicals and ultra violet light. The result of this technology is a water-tight membrane that is second to none.

Existing pool refurbishment

AquaForce is the ideal solution to cost-effectively waterproof existing structures. Our unique 3 ply construction guarantees strength and flexibility as well as high puncture resistance. AquaForce will conform to any shape or pool wall configuration, whether the floor and walls are at right angles or curved – seams are simply invisibly welded to follow the contour. AquaForce reduces costly on-going maintenance of older pools, e.g. filling cracks and replacing tiles, as any continual ground movement often causes any other pool shells to crack and leak, whereas AquaForce will flex with the pool shell.

Looking for the ultimate waterproof barrier? AquaForce:

  • Is ideal for all high-use indoor and outdoor pools including Community Leisure, Aquatic Sporting facilities, Schools and Hotel and Resort recreation.
  • Is thermally welded to fit like a skin to any shaped pool.
  • Has thermal properties that reduce heat leaching away from the water, therefore reducing heating costs.
  • Is completely waterproof, resulting in considerable savings on water costs.
  • Gives new pools a contemporary appearance and rejuvenates older pools, making them look like new.
  • Is permanently flexible over time, meaning that as the ground moves, AquaForce will remain watertight and intact unlike other traditional pool finishes.
  • Is UV treated for both indoor and outdoor use against the damaging effects of the harsh Australian sun.
  • Has a non-abrasive surface layer creating grip and preventing cuts and scrapes to even the most sensitive skins.