Temporary water storage solutions

An ABGAL Pillow Tank can be used for liquid or gas

Portable tanks/bladders are ideal for temporary and emergency storage of water and other liquids. These flexible tanks are made from reinforced fabrics. Frameless, they are completely portable and fold up for easy storage when not in use. Tanks can be made in a variety of fabrics including Aeon, PVC and XR5 to suit different applications. We also manufacture liners to fit inside tanks - suitable for drinking water, stock water, food and chemical storage.


Temporary Pillow Tanks (often referred to as bladders) are fully enclosed. Our AquaFab pillow tanks were created specifically for on site water storage during swimming pool renovations, but have many other uses, and have been utilised by the Red Cross and the US Military, in places such as Rwanda and in the Middle East.

Tanks are supplied with standard inlet and outlet fittings for connection to existing reticulation systems.

To request a quote on a portable water storage solution for yourself, please call, or use the Portable Tanks enquiry form. We promise to get back to you soon!