Pool & Pool Cover Accessory Products

Roller Over-Covers

Roller Cover

While it sounds silly, a solar pool cover really does need a cover when it's rolled up on the reel. Made from a heat reflective white fabric, the 'over-cover' is supplied with all new Hydtrotools Reels.  The over-cover should be used whenever the solar cover is rolled up on the reel - even if its only going to be off the pool for a couple of hours. Failure to use the over-cover is the number one cause of 'Roller Burn'.  An over-cover is supplied with pre-fitted eyelets and cord to attach to the roller, and can be trimmed to size if required.

Leafstop Cable & Winch System

Cable & Winch System

This handy cable and winch system can be used instead of the standard Leafstop bungee cord. Intended for long-term above ground pool closures, the cable and winch system provides a much tighter fit.
To use the cable, remove the existing bungee cord, and thread the cable through the eyelets. Place over the pool, and tighten using the hand winch. Ideal for winter - ask at your pool shop.

Pool Fountain

Water Fountain

3 levels of adjustable height turn your pool into a Grecian Fountain! Adds elegance and flair to any swimming pool. Relaxing and soothing sounds of this pool fountain take you away as you lay poolside.

Just connect to any wall return or pool cleaner wall fitting, then push it out to the area you want it. The weighted base holds the position. Includes hose, weight and adapters to fit nearly any wall fitting. Our floating pool fountain is made from heavy thermoplastic and is designed to last for many years.

Pool Cover Floats

Pool Cover Float

Pool cover floats are used to support the centre of soft spa covers and above ground pool Leafstop covers. The floats raise the centre of the cover up to 0.5m above the water level to create a peak, encouraging leaves and debris to fall off the cover, rather than pool in the middle.

If more than one float is required, they can be joined with cord to keep them in place.  To see how many floats are required for each size pool see our page on Leafstop covers.

Pool Liner Patch Repair Kits

Patch Kit

There are two options when repairing a tear or puncture in a pool liner. The quickest and easiest way is with a clear vinyl, self-adhesive patch, which simply applies like a big bandaid. These patches can be applied underwater, so there is no need to empty the pool either. They can also be used on a variety of other smooth PVC products such as inflatable pool toys, shade structures and even PVC pipe. Patches are sold in a pack of 4, and each patch is 76mm x 178mm. RRP is $20.50 per packet - ask at your pool shop.

The other option for repairing a hole in a pool liner is with a patch of the actual pool material. If you do not have any offcuts from when your pool liner was installed, you can purchase large patches of the material that are 500mm x 1300mm, from $18.50 - $21.75 each. Instructions for repairing your liner are supplied, but you will need to purchase a suitable adhesive separately.