Pool & Pool Cover Accessory Products

Roller Cover

Roller Cover

This roller cover is designed to be self-installed on solar reels from 4.0 - 6.1m long. Over covers are designed to protect a solar blanket from direct sunlight while it is stored on a solar reel. The cover is made from a heat-reflective white fabric for maximum sun protection. They are a key factor is maximising the life of a solar blanket and reel system.

'Cover Saver' Automatic Water Syphon

Cover Syphon

Remove unwanted rain water from the top of your pool cover. This automatic syphoning device installs in a minute and fits any size pool. Non-electric, this device gravity-syphons water from the top of the pool cover. It comes complete with its own primer pump and waste water tube.

Pool Fountain

Water Fountain

3 levels of adjustable height turn your pool into a Grecian Fountain! Adds elegance and flair to any swimming pool. Relaxing and soothing sounds of this pool fountain take you away as you lay poolside.

Just connect to any wall return or pool cleaner wall fitting, then push it out to the area you want it. The weighted base holds the position. Includes hose, weight and adapters to fit nearly any wall fitting. Our floating pool fountain is made from heavy thermoplastic and is designed to last for many years.

Pool Cover Float

Pool Cover Float

Pool cover floats are used individually and in multiples to support the middle of both above ground and inground swimming pool covers. The float raises the cover up to 0.5m above the water level to prevent water and debris gathering on the cover. Each pool float comes complete with installation instructions.

Pool Liner Patch Kit

Patch Kit

0.5mm gauge vinyl piece for use in repairing a hole in your liner. Kit comes complete with instructions for liner repair and vinyl patch, no adhesive included.