Keep leaves, debris and ducks out of your pool, all year-round with Pooltex

While a solar cover is brilliant at heating the water, and preventing evaporation, if your main problem is leaves and debris in the pool, or you’re wanting to keep animals out, then a Pooltex leaf cover is ideal. ABGAL have been making these covers since the 1970’s – and the quality today is just as good as it was then – in fact, we still use the same supplier for the material that we did all those years ago!

Made using a specialist, high quality 525x565 denier material, these covers let rain water in, but keep everything else out. Your pool is measured by either a series of measurements (called a ‘markout’), or your installer might use our new method – Photomeasure – where it is measured using a series of targeted photos. One we have the measurements, a pattern is made, and your cover is custom made to fit your pool shape – around ladders, rocks, water features and even an infinity edge can be worked with.

When in use, a Pooltex cover is secured to the pool surrounds with specialist clips and tie ropes, and when the cover comes off, so do the fittings. Just loosen the rope, and the cover lifts off – fittings and all, leaving no protrusions or trip hazards. When you pack the cover away, its completely out of sight.

Pooltex is available in green, blue, black, grey and tan.

Pooltex Leafstop Cover

Dog on Pooltex

Each cover is made with reinforced seams for a smooth finish and rope reinforced hem for strength. Usually easily handled by one person, a Pooltex™ Leafstop cover folds away in its own storage bag when not in use. Please note, this is not a safety cover.

  • Keep out leaves, debris and animals
  • Prevents accidental access to the pool
  • Stops around 70% of evaporation
  • Blocks sunlight and prevents algae growth
  • Reduces pool maintenance and cleaning time
  • Will reduce chemical consumption by around 50%
  • Can reduce electricity consumption
  • 525 x 565 Denier micron thickness
  • High quality material, made in the USA
  •  8 year pro-rata warranty

PhotoMeasure - the easiest way to measure!

Photo Measure

Measuring a pool for a fitted cover used to be complicated and time consuming, but with our exclusive PhotoMeasure software, you can measure a pool in just a few minutes, using just a couple of check measurements and a series of photos with your mobile phone! It's easy, and anyone can do it - you don't need to be an expert. If you're an existing ABGAL customer, log into for details, or contact us for more details.

Pooltex is easy to use

Pooltex Tie Down

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