Keep leaves, debris and ducks out of your pool, all year-round with Pooltex

If leaves, debris, ducks and other animals are a problem in your pool, then a fitted Pooltex cover is ideal. Made of a specialist mesh fabric, these trampoline style pool covers let rain water in, but keep everything else out. Covers are custom made to order, and can be fitted to any pool shape – ladders, rocks, water features and even an infinity edge can be accommodated.
When in use, a Pooltex cover is secured to the pool surrounds with special fittings, and when the cover comes off, so do the fittings. This way there are no protrusions left on the pool edge, so when you pack the cover away, it's completely out of sight. 

Pooltex Leafstop Cover

Dog on Pooltex

Each cover is made with welded seams for a smooth finish and rope reinforced hem for strength. Usually easily handled by one person, a Pooltex™ Leafstop cover folds away in its own storage bag when not in use.

  • Keep out leaves, debris and animals
  • Prevents accidental access to the pool
  • Easily supports the weight of a person
  • Stops around 70% of evaporation
  • Blocks sunlight and prevents algae growth
  • Reduces pool maintenance and cleaning time
  • Will reduce chemical consumption by around 50%
  • Can reduce electricity consumption
  • 525 x 565 Denier micron thickness
  • High quality material, made in the USA
  •  8 year pro-rata warranty

PhotoMeasure - the easiest way to measure!

Photo Measure

Measuring a pool for a fitted cover used to be complicated and time consuming, but with our exclusive PhotoMeasure software, you can measure a pool in just a few minutes, using just a couple of check measurements and a series of photos with your mobile phone! It's easy, and anyone can do it - you don't need to be an expert. If you're an existing ABGAL customer, log into for details, or contact us for more details.

Pooltex is easy to use

Pooltex Tie Down

A Pooltex cover is surprisingly easy to use. Removing the cover is easily done by one person, and takes around 10 minutes for most pools. Once the tension has been taken off the ropes, the whole cover lifts off (with the clips still attached), and there is nothing left protruding on the pool surround. When putting the cover back on, the pins are simply placed back into the holes and the rope tightened and re-locked – no tools required.

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