Pool Liners for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Need a new pool liner for an above ground pool?

If you are shopping for a new above ground pool, or replacing an existing pool liner, ask your pool shop for an ABGAL liner. ABGAL pool liners are made in Australia, using specially formulated .50mm virgin PVC, and contain special UV inhibitors to resist our harsh weather conditions.

ABGAL use a unique welding technique on liners - flatter and stronger than a traditional weld, it minimises the appearance of joins, giving a neater and cleaner finish with no loose flaps for algae and dirt to hide in.

With a great range of colours and patterns, ABGAL liners are available to suit any pool - any shape, any size, any brand!

Benefits of an ABGAL above ground pool liner over others.

Coping Under Timber Deck
  • Strong and durable, with a great choice of colours and patterns.
  • High quality pigments mean colours stay brighter for longer.
  • Wider panels mean less seams.
  • Ultra-violet inhibitors protect the vinyl.
  • Treated to resist algae - no need for scrubbing.
  • Special joins leave no loose flaps or folds inside the pool for dirt to get trapped in.
  • Seams are flatter and narrower than a traditional wedge-weld.
  • Every liner comes with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Made in Queensland, Australia, by an Australian, family owned company.
  • Warranty – pro-rata for 5 years, or extend to 8 years by registering online now.

Don't rip up your pool decking to replace a liner!

ABGAL liner in a decked in pool

If you are planning to build a deck over your pool coping, make sure your pool installer uses ABGAL's exclusive 'QuickFix' extrusion system. Once the Quick-Fix system is installed, pool liners can easily be replaced without touching the decking! In most instances, you won't need to remove a single board! It doesn't matter what brand the original liner is - any above ground liner can be replaced using ABGAL technology.

The system can also be retro-fitted to existing pools when pool wall panels and associated fittings are in good condition. Please note though, if an existing pool is already decked in, decking boards will need to be removed to allow for installation of the Quick Fix extrusion system. Alternatively, our Retainer and Capping system could be used where access to coping is not available.

Great range of patterns and plain colours.

ABGAL’s above ground pool liner range comes in a choice of either solid colour or print patterns that are stunning and deliver the ultimate pool interior. And because they are made using high quality pigments, colours will stay brighter, for longer. ABGAL also offers the option of liners from their inground pool liner range of designer patterns and colours too.

Great Investment.

See and feel the difference, ABGAL’s specially-formulated PVC ensures a cleaner, lower maintenance pool. Every liner is quality inspected and comes with warranty documentation, and easy to follow instructions on care and maintenance.

More detailed instructions are available online – these can be accessed quickly and easily by following the links provided on the warranty document.

All Shapes and Sizes.

circle keyhole oval twinlake teardrop kidney

ABGAL offers a large variety of standard sizes to suit all popular brands of pools. Choose from oval, circular, keyhole, twinlake, kidney or teardrop shapes and all types of deep-end styles. When ordering, specify the brand and model of the pool as ABGAL has standard sizes to suit almost all above ground pools shapes.

Custom-made, Steps and Deep end Liners.

ABGAL have a standard pattern to suit most brands and sizes of above ground pools. If yours is an unusual design, they can produce a custom-made liner to fit. Custom made liners will cost around 15% more than a standard, take a little longer to turn around, and will generally need to be measured and fitted by a professional installer. Your installer will carefully measure the pool to ensure an exact fit, and provide us with all the necessary details. Steps, benches or seats can be incorporated into custom-made pool liners. It is important that these are designed with a minimum of 30cm (12”) of water covering the step, to keep the liner firmly in place.

How do you measure up for a replacement liner?

Replacement liners are generally replaced by professional installers, but our guide to measuring is easy to follow, even if you are not an industry professional. All measurements are taken from the waterline, regardless of whether they are standard or not. Please include all the dimensions listed including the depth and style (i.e. flat base) of the deep-end so ABGAL can confirm the size and make the correct liner for you.

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