What makes 'SmartBubble' smart?

A revolutionary new bubble profile, SmartBubble combines maximum watersaving and heat retention capabilities, durability, quality and value-for-money.

A thicker bubble. A special moulding process produces a stronger bubble with no weak points, guaranteed thicker than other leading brands, with 2/3 of the total material thickness on the bubble bottom - where it really counts!

A larger, flatter profile. A bigger, better, but lower profile bubble gives optimum insulation without the bulk of other brands. It's also much lighter to handle, making it ideal for larger pools.

A smaller carbon footprint . With a flatter profile, SmartBubble takes up around 20% less space than other blankets of the same rating. That means less packaging, more blankets per truckload, and less carbon emissions. Now thats smart!

More environmentally friendly . Fully recyclable, SmartBubble offcuts can be recycled at any council plant which can process LDPE 4. (Like a yoghurt tub).

smart bubble diagram

Want to know more?
Download the SmartBubble Fact Sheet.