Here is what some of our satisfied customers have said...

“Our Pooltex Cover is easy to use, and we saw the savings almost straight away - not just chlorine and water, but electricity too. I'd recommend a cover to anyone, and wish we'd put it on years ago.”
Noreen B, Westlake

“My first Pooltex Cover lasted 22 years! I have just purchased another one and I am sure this one will last just as long.”
Mrs Mason, Qld

“I am very happy with the installation and the cover looks looks great”
M Fryer, Qld

“I was given a 'free' solar blanket when I bought my reel, and it only lasted about 10 months. I was really dubious about spending money on a new cover because the first one was so lousy, but I eventually caved and bought an Oasis 500 micron. I've had that on the pool for just on 18 months, and I'm really happy with it. I couldn't tell you how long its been since I had to top the pool up!"
Elaine O, Browns Plains

“Your blankets are very good quality. I have had to add less water and there are no leaves or algae in the pool.”
G Howard, Waterford

“I bought a cheap imported solar blanket from my local pool shop, and it started to fall apart in the first year. I replaced it with an ABGAL 400 cover, and thats been on the pool now for 2 years and is still good as new. ”
T Pearce, Melbourne

“I found the tank liner very easy to install. I thought it would have been much harder. Am very happy with the liner overall - the fabric is quite thick, and very pliable.”
Ken, NSW

“I think this tank liner is the best water-wise investment I've made in years.”
Maurie, Qld

“The tank liner looks great. I am very pleased with the installation instructions, they were simple and easy to follow.”
G Crawford, Coutts Crossing

“Our first inground pool had a vinyl liner, and I didn't really appreciate it until we moved house a couple of years back and the new pool was one of those pebble ones. I mucked about with it for over a year before we got someone to come in and put a liner in. It's so much easier to keep clean, and my wife loves the colour - it looks like a brand new pool. I just wish we'd done it sooner. ”
PJ, Coorparoo, Qld

“Original ABGAL liner lasted 17yrs. New liner easier to clean and looks good.”
The Briars, Vic

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