How to trim a foam spa cover to fit

About your New ABGAL Spa Foam Cover

Your ABGAL Spa Foam Cover is designed to reduce heat evaporation, maximise heat retention and keep debris out of your Spa.

What You'll Need to Fit Your Cover

To install your cover, you'll need a pair of household scissors or knife, a pen or ink marker and another person to hold the cover in place while you trim it.

Fitting Your Spa Foam Cover

how to fit a spa foam cover
  1. Fill your spa to its normal operating water leve.
  2. Open the plastic sheet supplied with your cover for use as a template for the shape of your spa. (If the template is not large enough to cover your spa, cut the excess off one side of the template or use an extra piece of plastic and tape it together.)
  3. Lay the sheet on top of your spa, and use your finger to find the edge of the spa at the waterline and trace a line where it meets the spa with a pen or ink marker. Continue this line around the perimeter of your spa.
  4. Unpack your cover and lay the panels together. (For 10mm thick covers only, join using the velcro through the eyelets - see drawing on the left.)
  5. Have the other person firmly hold your template on top of your Foam Cover, so there is even overlap on all sides, and no gap between the panels.
  6. Using your household scissors/knife, cut along the line of the template, and your Foam Cover will be the exact shape of your spa. (If you want to use the plastic sheet for other applications like a painting drop sheet, transfer the shape to the foam cover with a pen and then cut only the foam to shape.)