How is an Aqualux Pool Finish installed?

This particular installation was completed by Aqualon Interiors, at Bokissa Private Island Resort in Vanuatu. This 25m pool was hand dug, quite some time ago, and features numerous steps and benches that need to be allowed for. You can see there are quite a few cracks in the pool surface – these are caused by the frequent ground movement they get in Vanuatu. The obvious solution was Aqualux!

Aqualux Installation 1. The shell is prepared. Depending on the original surface finish, it may involve either grinding or rendering to ensure a smooth surface. This pool was previously painted, so all that was required was a good sanding. Some pools will need to have the return converted, and a vacuum pipe installed, with tracking points cut into the floor and wall joints.

2. As this one was a 3D conversion the pool was professionally laser surveyed to ensure a perfect fit.

3. New facia/step outs are installed as required, then retaining strips are attached to the pool perimeter.

Aqualux Installation 4. Once the shell is fully prepared, its time to bring the membrane in. Because this one was so big (318kg worth), it took a little extra man power to get it out of the crate!

Aqualux Installation 5. Once the membrane is out, its a matter of rolling it out, bit by bit..

Aqualux Installation Aqualux Installation Aqualux Installation By bit...

Aqualux Installation 6. Once it has been pre-hung, it is ready to be secured into place.

Aqualux Installation 7. Now its time to start vacuuming it into place.

Aqualux Installation This particular pool holds a quarter of a million litres of water – and it has to stay under vacuum the whole time.

Aqualux Installation 8. As it continues to fill, and the water level comes up, returns, lights etc are all fitted.

Aqualux Installation Aqualux Installation

Aqualux Installation 9. Fitted, filled and ready for swimming!

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