The ABGAL ShadeCalc software is for the calculation, measurement checking, diagram display and ordering online of shade sails. A new online version is now available to installer customers of ABGAL, registration, username and password are required for access to the application. Please contact ABGAL to complete the registration and get access to this valuable tool for ensuring your shade measurements are correct and to get the best fitting shade sail.

New Features

ShadeCalc now uses Web based access, so is no longer limited to running on a Windows PC. It can be run on iOS or Android devices as well as MAC and Windows PC’s. This means you can use your “smart phone” on site to check the measurements of the shade sail before you leave the site.

It even stores your standard take offs for fixings as well as shade sail design preferences. You can even add a margin to calculate and display your customers price for the sail. All live based on the actual dimensions entered. What is even better for pricing, there is a “quick quote” where you simply enter the few measurements and choose the fixings and fabric and you get a price you can use to quote your customer instantly.

The improved logic of ShadeCalc online uses ABGAL’s Measure Wizard™ technology to assist in eliminating measurement errors to save you time and money. Measure Wizard™ does all the tricky maths and calculations for you, so no more guessing which measurement doesn’t add up, Measure Wizard™ figures out the likely measurements in error for you.

Training of this great new version of ShadeCalc using ABGAL’s Measure Wizard™ technology, has been made easy with the use of step by step video training modules you can watch online. Just ask us for details.

PowerPoint Presentation

For customers unable to attend one of our Inground Liner Presentation nights and after requests for the Powerpoint Presentation, we have made it available for download here:
ABGAL Inground Liner Presentation - 5.28mb


How to repair a liner using a handheld welder. (To save file to your local computer, Right Click the link with your mouse, and click Save)

How to Repair a liner - 236mb - (WARNING - May take some time depending on the speed of your connection. To have the file sent via CD, please contact ABGAL)