Water Tank Liners - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tank liner cost?

The cost of a tank liner depends on the required size, material used and fixing requirements. Every tank liner is a little different, so it is important to get an exact, all inclusive quote for YOUR tank. To give you an indication though, to line a round tank, 4m diameter x 1.8m high (5,000 gallons = 19,000 litres), for drinking water would cost around $650 (current as of December 2020), excluding any fixing extrusions or freight. Complete the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll send you an obligation free quote for your tank within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

What sizes does the tank liner come in?

At ABGAL Liners & Covers we make to your specific requirement, therefore a tank liner can come in any shape and size - there are no restrictions.

How do I measure my tank?

In order for us to manufacture your tank liner as best we can, we require some simple but important measurements. For round tanks, carefully measure the internal diameter and the height of your tank. For square or rectangular tanks, measure the internal length, width and depth.

Other important information to give us is whether the tank is open topped or does it have a roof or lid on it? And, is your tank used for drinking water purposes, or for stock or yard irrigation? Let us know when you place your order. All these details will provide us with information we need to manufacture your liner that suits your needs, perfectly.

How do I install a tank liner?

Every ABGAL tank liner comes complete with an easy to follow four page instruction manual on all aspects of installation. It is as simple as these 5 steps:

1. Remove the outlets and ensure the tank surface is free from protrusions or sharp objects.
2. Attach a fixing extrusion (this is a two-part plastic fitting designed to hold the liner in place in a roofed tank - this is not necessary for open tanks.)
3. Fit the liner (no need to remove the tank roof - if you can gain access, the liner can too.)
4. Fix the liner to the tank with the extrusion or band it around the wall of an open topped tank.
5. Reinstall existing or new outlets, and fill.

How is it packed?

ABGAL's products are important to us and because we want to ensure that our liners arrive in the best possible condition we individually pack each liner in its own protective carton which is glued not stapled.

How do I get it in the tank?

So long as you can get into the tank, you can feed the tank liner through the manhole.

Can I install the tank liner or do I have to get a professional?

Between 70 - 80% of our tank liner customers install the product themselves. However, depending on where you live in Australia we can often recommend a professional installer for you.

How long will the liner take to install?

Depending on the size of the tank and ease of access, on average, a liner will usually take around 3-5 hours to install. Some are installed in 2 hours, others take much longer.

What is it made of?

The tank liner is made from flexible PVC membrane that is perfectly safe for holding either drinking or stock water. It lines your existing tank structure to prevent leaks and stop the loss of valuable water. Provided your tank is structurally sound enough to hold the volume of water when it's full, then it's perfectly suited to lining. Because of its flexibility, your tank liner can't rust or crack like other tank surfaces. It's easy to install and ready for use immediately and, in most cases, is cheaper than a new tank!

How thick is the material?

Depending on the height, a standard potable liner is .50mm thick for up to 30,000 gallon tank and for larger tanks we recommend a thicker .75mm liner.

Where is it made?

ABGAL tank liners are manufactured in Australia at our operations facility in Crestmead, Brisbane. We supply over 15,000 liners and covers around Australia and overseas per year.

Will birds put holes in it?

Yes birds are attracted to the water and liner. We suggest you cover the tank as it will keep birds away, stop water evaporation, eliminate leaves and keep other debris out of your water.

Is the size exact or will there be an overlap?

At ABGAL we prefer to make the liner to your exact measurements and then add an extra 3% to the size of the liner to allow for shrinkage. However we can add extra to the height if you choose to overlap your liner instead of our recommended male/female ‘Waterline' fixing extrusion system.

What colour is it?

ABGAL Tank Liners for household drinking water are black and for stock water the liner is blue.

How is the liner sent?

ABGAL Liners & Covers preferred courier service is Riteways Transport. Should Riteways not deliver to your area then they will deliver to your closest local carrier who will in turn deliver to you.

Does the liner come with a warranty?

Yes. An uncovered .50mm potable tank liner for household drinking water comes with a 12 month warranty whilst a covered .50mm potable tank liner for household drinking water carries a 5 year pro-rata warranty, provided the tank liner is in at least 80% shade (to protect it from UV degradation). Certified by the Water Quality Centre to meet AS 4020 (Int) 1994.

How do you use your 'Waterline' Fixing Extrusion System.

This liner fixing extrusion is a 2 part system, using a female acceptor part, which the male insert clips into. It is made of semi-rigid PVC and can be mitred to fit a round corner as tight as 100mm radius.

The female part is fastened to the wall of the pool with silicone sealant and 5mm x 25mm long pop rivets at 50mm centres.

The liner is then clipped into place using the male insert (see diagrams below), with correct tension on the liner. Both the liner and the male insert are hooked into the female part and excess material trimmed off.

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