KoolCover - the Non Heating Solar Cover

Stop evaporation without heating the pool.

KoolCover offers all the benefits of a solar blanket, but does not heat the water like a traditional solar blanket. A standard solar cover will absorb and reflect the suns rays into the water, heating it by around 8 degrees Celsius. But being opaque, KoolCover shades the pool from direct sunlight - stopping the solar energy from penetrating the water.

The insulative bubbles protect the pool surface from wind and cold, and prevent overnight evaporation. By covering your pool with KoolCover, you will help to maintain a consistent water temperature - and save water at the same time.

  • Save Water - Can stop over 99% of evaporation.
  • Save on Chemicals - Chemical use is often cut by around 50%.
  • Save work - reduce leaf and debris in the water.

KoolCover works by blocking the sun rays, to prevent them from entering the water. It does not have any refrigerative qualities, so if the water is already hot, KoolCover will not be able to 'make it cold'.

If you live in the tropics, and are only using KoolCover to prevent the water from getting too hot, you might consider removing the cover at night. Keep the cover on during the day to block the sun's rays from the water. Take it off at night, and the heat that has built up in the ground around and beneath the pool will be able to dissipate faster. Please be aware though, that this method of use is only suitable when the primary goal is cooler water, rather than water conservation. Koolcover is a 500 micron cover, and has an 8 year pro-rata warranty.

Used in conjunction with a reel system, most residential pools can be covered and uncovered quickly and easily – often in around a minute.