Pooltex Air - Winter pool shut down covers

Pooltex Air inflatable leaf cover

In many parts of Australia, pool owners only really use their pools for 3 or 4 months of the year. A study in 2012 showed that less than 6% of Australian backyard swimming pools are properly maintained during winter. Thats 94% of us who are failing to look after our pools during the winter months. If you are like the rest of us, Pooltex Air may be the answer.

Once a pool has been prepared for winter, a Pooltex Air cover can be installed and inflated - sealing the pool water off from the elements.

How does Pooltex Air work?

Pooltex Fitting

Because the cover blocks sunlight, no mould or algae can grow - and because Pooltex Air is made of a heavy duty, reinforced PVC, it is completely waterproof. With no evaporation, and no rainwater coming in - ie nothing in and nothing out - the pool environment remains unchanged.

Effectively, the pool stays exactly as you leave it. If the pool water is clean when Pooltex Air goes on, it will be clean when it comes off again. Even with the filter and chlorinator switched off*!

The savings which can be made on power and other pool running costs during the winter months mean that for many pools, the inital outlay on a Pooltex Air cover can be recovered in just 2 to 3 years.

No tricky framework or solid structure to assemble

Pooltex Air is, as the name suggests, an inflatable pool cover - the dome shape is achieved by inflating the cover with air. Once installed on the pool, the cover is inflated to form a perfect dome to prevent leaves and water pooling on top, then closed off.

Because small amounts of air may escape over time, a small 240 volt air pump (2.5 watt) is supplied with the cover.

*The filter is not required to run to keep the pool water clean, however, you should regularly exercise your filter equipment to prevent seizure - check with manufacturer guidelines.