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This is a formal request for ABGAL Liners & Covers to provide the additional benefits of the ABGAL eCommerce system ( to our existing account.

We understand that ABGAL's standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply on all purchases made through, and acknowledge that we are responsible for the administration of passwords and security allocations within our organisation.

We agree to pay ABGAL for all goods ordered on our account using

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*The named customer will be given access to the ABGAL eCommerce system (“ ”) at ABGAL’s sole discretion and ABGAL reserves the right to terminate or suspend the customer’s access to No guarantee is made as to the availability of The customer acknowledges that it is responsible for the administration of passwords and security allocations to its Authorised Users and agrees that it will be liable to pay for all orders made using the customer’s Authorised User codes unless the order is cancelled with the written consent of ABGAL. The customer further acknowledges that: (a) delivery times and pricing projected or shown by shall not be binding upon ABGAL unless confirmed by ABGAL by other means; (b) ABGAL accepts no responsibility for any loss arising directly or indirectly from damage to customer’s systems arising from unauthorized access to or unauthorized modification of by third parties. ABGAL’s standard terms and conditions apply to all transactions – refer to for details.