Shade Sails - Waterproof Shade Covers

Why are ABGAL shade sails better?

  • Our installers have access to ShadeCALC, an exclusive software package which is only available to ABGAL customers. Used correctly, ShadeCalc eliminates the risk of measurement errors, and ensures a quality result.
  • They have access to our shadowing drawings. This means that you can be sure that your sail will cast shade where you want it, when you want it.
  • Our advanced patterning and cutting systems, stainless steel fixings and strict quality processess ensure a sail that looks good, fits well and lasts.

What shape is best for me?


Maximising the amount of shade you can achieve from your new Shade Sail is an important consideration. While shape and design need to be incorporated into the design, you need to start with a shape that provides the most protection from the sun. Shade sails with at least 4 fixing points provide a greater area of shade protection and are more stable in windy conditions. Shade sails have curved edges and this should be taken into consideration when looking at the area of shade. Allow for the summer and winter solars when planning your shade sail. Use a broom handle to check the shade from the sun at certain times of the day and plan the location of the shade around your lifestyle, giving you the greatest sun protection at the times you need it.

It is important to consider water run off. While most shade fabrics allow rain water to pass through, they will sag in heavy rain conditions. Diagonally opposing corners around the same height and two corners at least 600 mm higher than the other two diagonal corners gives the shade the stability in high winds and heavy rain. This ideal shape is called a ‘Hypar’ and looks good too!

10 Questions you need answered before selecting your shade sail installer

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Does your manufacturer pattern their sails on CAD software? Tick Box Box
Can they create a 3D image of my sail if required?
Tick Box Box

Once the design is finished, can they show me where the shadows will fall at different times of day?

Tick Box Box
Do they use a plotter to mark out the shade sail? Tick Box Box
Do they cut individual cables for each side to provide better tensioning? Tick Box Box
Do they use a hydraulic swaging press to fix off the cables for a nice, tight finish? Tick Box Box
Do they use a twin needle machine to sew the shades to provide a consistent distance between stitches? Tick Box Box
When transported are their sails boxed for protection? Tick Box Box
Will they supply me with all the shade specifications once the sail is complete? Tick Box Box
Do they keep my sail specs on record in case I need a replacement? and for how long? Tick Box Box

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