Why are ABGAL shade sails better?

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are a cost effective way of shading or extending your outdoor living area. They will provide protection from the sun and compliment almost any outdoor area. A shade sail can be placed in any area shade is required - patio, spa, barbeque or pool areas. They are also ideal for commercial outdoor areas such as car parks, child care centres, schools, playgrounds and shopping centres.

Shade sails come in many shapes and styles, ranging from basic squares and triangles to incredibly complicated, multi-pointed structures. They should be constructed from the highest quality material, ensuring that they are durable and long lasting.

At ABGAL we have made shade sails an exact science. Advanced patterning software, computerised plotters, quality fabrics and experienced staff all contribute to a high quality product. Each sail is custom made to your exact dimensions. Due to the level of precision and strict quality processes, along with the use of marine grade stainless steel cables cut to exact sizes, it ensures that the right amount of tension is applied to each sail when fitted, ensuring a quality result, and the longest possible life.

'Near enough is good enough' if you just want to pin a triangle of fabric between a couple of trees. However, if you want a shade sail that looks good and will last for years, then an ABGAL made sail is the smart choice.

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