"Smart Seam" Technology - ABGAL don't just 'do' a 10mm seam - they invented it!

Late 2007, ABGAL began using their revolutionary 10mm 'Smart Seam" weld, giving a smaller, stronger join than ever before  

SmartSeam – all the strength of a 20mm weld, in half the width.

ABGAL were the first pool liner manufacturer in Australia to work with a 'wedge weld', which was at the time, a unique method, resulting in a much higher quality result than any other manufacturer could provide. Over the years, ABGAL continued to innovate, and were able to improve on this technique again - and in 2007, "Smart Seam" technology was introduced to the world. The technique took many years of research and development, and was such an innovative product that competitors have only just started to try and copy this '10mm' weld technique now, 10 years later!

LEFT -  Two pieces of material welded together using ABGAL's 10mm 'Smart Seam' weld.

BELOW LEFT - Two pieces of material welded together using a standard wedge weld.

Although the join is half the size, Smart Seam retains all the qualities of the original ABGAL wedge weld, and is substantially stronger than a traditional weld. And you can see for yourself in these two images, it's virtually invisible compared to old pool liner joining techniques. Despite being virtually invisible in a clean pool, ABGAL still minimise the joins needed for each pool, to give the pool owner the best possible result.

A traditional 20mm wedge-weld.

While warranted for 10 years, an ABGAL Aqualux finish has a life expectancy of 15 or more years - in fact, it's not unusual to see a 25 year old Aqualux finish where the seams are still good as new! The longest lasting (in Australia) to date that we are aware of has been 36 years old - well in excess of the warranted 10 years.

The 10mm 'Smart Seam' liner join is used on every single liner manufactured in ABGAL's factory, and every liner (and seam) is subjected to a 9 step, quality control check before it is boxed and sent out, so you can be assured you are receiving the best quality product available.

Installers - email us now for a free sample swatch showing SmartSeam, so you can see for yourself why it's the Smart Choice!

"Just put the first liner in with Smart Seam Technology and you can hardly see the welds! The colour is
Coral Sand and it really looks good." - Nick H of Brisbane. December 2007

"The new Smart Seam Technology looks good and you can hardly even see the seams." - Brian J of Qld, February 2008