Fumigation Covers / Fumigation Tarps

Lightweight Fumigation Tarpaulins

Our Fumigation Covers are made from a strong, yet lightweight reinforced PVC fabric that is approved for fumigation in Australia. Used to contain gases like methyl bromide for pest control, quarantine and all other import and export regulation requirements. These fumigation tarpaulins can be custom made to any size, or designed in modules to be joined together on site for very large applications.

ABGAL fumigation tarps are made from a specialist three ply fabric that incorporates two gas tight layers, plus 100% welded seams to ensure no gas can escape.

Using a higher denier yarn, our covers are more tear resistant, but still light and easy to handle.

Custom made fumigation tarps for the biggest jobs

The edges of the covers are reinforced with special tear stop webbing so they are strong enough to be handled by lifting equipment in large one piece sizes. This picture shows three shipping containers being covered by a single tarp. Easily sealed around the edges with weighted fabric sausages or water bags to keep the gas contained during the fumigation process.

We can design and fabricate a custom shaped fumigation tarp to fit over a permanent frame and can provide water filled edge tubes for sealing the cover against the ground.

Talk to us today about your fumigation cover needs, using our tear resistant, industry approved fabric, used by many major Australian contractors.