WaterMark – The look of water on top of the cover!

An original concept, and what we believe could be a world first. The WaterMark solar pool cover is the result of an ongoing argument between our GM and his wife. He kept putting the pool cover on to stop evaporation and to keep the pool cleaner, and she wanted it taken off because she missed being able to see the water. Even though we developed our almost fully see through ‘Clarity’ cover a few years ago which lets you see through into the water, it was the shimmery patterns made by the water that she really wanted to see. A couple of years down the track, we now have WaterMark, and we can report, their pool cover stays on the pool if no one is swimming – it’s a win-win!

With a total thickness of 530 micron, the WaterMark solar cover will stop up to 99.84% of water loss caused by evaporation, will help retain heat, and can actually help to heat the water too. Obviously though, its biggest selling point is its looks! WaterMark has a 8 year pro-rata warranty.

WaterMark Cover Gallery