Renovating a tiled swimming pool with Aqualux

Repair a cracked or leaking tiled pool with an Aqualux flexible pool finish

While they look great, and are often regarded as the best type of pool surface, a tiled swimming pool can be a major headache for some pool owners. A 'hard' finish, tiles offer no flexibility so can’t accommodate any ground movement. It doesn’t take a lot of movement to crack a pool shell – periods of wet weather followed by dry spells causing the ground to contract can be all it takes to cause thousands of dollars worth of cracks and leaks. Tiles can crack directly, or even just cracks along grout lines can allow a tiled pool to leak.

While some cracks are only minor and can be easily repaired with sealant or epoxy putty, they often reoccur. If you find yourself making ongoing leak repairs to a tiled pool, resurfacing with an Aqualux pool interior may be an excellent solution. Aqualux can be installed directly over the top of a tiled pool, with minimal surface preparation, and give excellent results. You can see a time lapse video of a recent tiled pool conversion to Aqualux on the left.

A waterproof, flexible barrier to protect the pool shell

Your installer will have an Aqualux membrane custom made to fit your pool shell. Perfectly fittted around every corner, step and bench, it is vacuumed into position, and held into place with the weight of the water. There are no glues or toxic compounds - just a completely sealed, protective membrane, guaranteed to keep your pool shell water tight for years to come.

The Aqualux pool finish does not rely on a chemical bond to the old pool surface - which means it won’t delaminate or peel off over time - unlike some other surface finishes. The risk of using products that rely on bonding to the old pool surface is moisture. A leaking pool that is in the ground will have moisture in the surface which interferes with any product trying to bond onto it. That’s why Aqualux is 100% successful, it doesn’t need to adhere to the pool surface and so doesn’t rely on the bond - and therefore, won’t peel, chip or flake from the pool surface.

New glass tile pool converted to Aqualux

This glass tiled pool leaked badly within a few months of installation. It was converted over to Aqualux (in Antique), and is now trouble free.

This particular pool is a classic example of when tiles were unsuitable. Despite more than $60,000 worth of glass tiles, this pool started leaking within the first few months, and needed substantial repairs. A few months later, it happened again. Within an 18 month period, the home owners had paid for three separate repair jobs, all caused by ground movement.

It was clear that tiles were never going to work in this pool - a flexible surface finish was needed to cope with the ongoing ground movement.

Since an Aqualux finish was installed, the pool has been leak free, and the owners are enjoying a pool which also uses less chemicals than before and requires less maintenance! (And just quietly, we think it looks better too).