The low maintenance finish for commercial pools

The ideal surface finish for hotel & resort pools

The largest hotel pool in the world features a vinyl membrane like AquaForce

Because of its strength, durability and low maintenance requirements, a vinyl pool finish is a popular choice in many commercial pools, particularly hotels and resorts.

So when they built the biggest swimming pool in the world, it was no surprise they decided to finish it with a PVC membrane like our AquaForce pool finish. Holding 66 million gallons of water, at 115 feet deep, and covering almost 30 acres, the Crystal lagoon in Chile is impressive by any standards.

While that particular pool is not one of ‘ours’ – we have resurfaced many beautiful hotel and resort pools, all over the world. One of our favourite resort renovations was one at Bokissa Island Resort in Vanuatu – see the step by step installation here.

A silky smooth finish = perfect for swim school pools

Schoool Pool

School pools and swim schools all mean small kids – and small kids means soft skin. Many old school pools are painted concrete or plaster, which can be really harsh on soft skin, causing grazes and bruises when they rub against the walls or spend time walking in the pool (which kids often do)! Converting an old painted pool over to an Aqualux finish gives a super soft pool interior which will never cut or graze skin, no matter how long they spend in the pool.

Another great aspect of resurfacing with Aqualux is the speed – while other finishes can take weeks to cure, an Aqualux surface is ready straight away. Once the completed membrane is on site ready for installation, most installs are complete within 2 days. Sometimes refilling the pool takes longer than the actual installation process!

Aqualux - arrives in one piece, ready to install

Bokissa Resort Pool Aqualux finish in Casablanca

Aqualux is our flagship pool finish. Using precise measurements from the pool builder or installer, we craft a perfectly fitting membrane which fits right over the top of the pool shell, which is brought on site in one, complete piece, then skilfully fitted by the installer. There are many other benefits to an Aqualux surface finish in a commercial pool, such as:

  • Long lasting – guaranteed for 5 years in a commercial pool and 12 years in a domestic pool.
  • Flexible – ideal for areas that get a lot of ground movement and earth tremors.
  • Durable – won’t crack, chip or flake – will outlast most other pool finishes.
  • Soft to touch – wont snag swimsuits or graze skin.
  • Hygienic – treated to resist algae – never needs scrubbing.
  • Chemical Neutral – pool water is much easier to balance with Aqualux.
  • Ready to swim as soon as installation is complete.

PDFAqualux Brochure - 927kb

AquaForce - our heavy duty option for resurfacing and renovating large commercial pools

Indoor Pool AquaForce

Our heavy duty option for commercial and other large swimming pools. If integrated into the initial designs in the engineering process, AquaForce can actually reduce the overall structural costs of a new commercial swimming pool. This is achieved with the structure pre-engineered in a factory and then delivered to site to be assembled and installed. Savings are made in the design for a flexible pool finish and modules of the pool are more economical when they are factory built rather than constructed fully on site.  AquaForce is also ideal for resurfacing existing pools - operators will enjoy lower chemical usage, and reduced maintenance time and costs.

AquaForce is intended for high use, indoor and outdoor pools and heated pools. Due to its heavy construction it is not able to be pre-formed, and is cut and welded on site, so it has a much longer turnaround time than Aqualux. AquaForce is available in ‘Ice Blue’ only, and has a 10 year limited warranty in commercial applications.

PDF AquaForce Brochure - 795kb

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