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What ever you choose to call these pool covers, they're a valuable accessory to your pool. When you use a pool cover, you'll save water, reduce chemical consumption and make it easier to maintain your pool. Solar covers have the added benefits of heating your pool too.

So it's really not a question of 'do I need a pool cover?', but rather, 'which pool cover best suits me?'. A solar cover? A leaf cover? A shut down cover? A non heating cover? A thermal cover?

If you've narrowed it down to a solar pool cover, you're in the right place, so read on...

Oasis solar pool covers and blankets are manufactured using the revolutionary 'SmartBubble' profile. SmartBubble boasts all the benefits of our original bubble shape, in a bubble that is around 20% flatter - making ABGAL solar covers more compact and easier to handle.

Pool Covers Save Water

One of the single most effective things a pool owner can do to save water is to use a pool cover. Because of this, the use of an approved pool cover is a requirement in many areas. If you’re not sure about your current water restrictions, you should check with your local council before refilling a renovated pool, or in some places, even topping up.

You may need to supply a certificate of compliance for your pool cover. If you have already purchased an ABGAL solar cover, but do not have a copy of the relevant certificate, you can ask for a copy at your place of purchase. If you registered your warranty with us, you can also email us direct and we’ll send it to you.

All ABGAL Oasis 400, 500 and 550 micron solar covers are Climate Care Certified, WaterWise and Smart Approved WaterMark licensed, making them compliant in every Australian state and Territory.

What are the main benefits of an ABGAL Oasis Solar Pool Cover?

  • Save water. The Oasis 400, 500 and 550 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.
  • You'll swim sooner and longer – your pool cover will increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, giving you a warmer pool, for longer.
  • Your chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a pool cover is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50% to avoid over-chlorination and chemical damage.
  • All Oasis covers are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.
  • All Oasis solar pool covers are specially treated to resist UV damage.
  • Made in Australia, Oasis pool covers are made from category 4 LDPE – so are completely recyclable!

I've already purchased a solar blanket - how do I install it?

Which Solar Pool Cover suits my needs?

WaterMark Pool Cover Oasis WaterMark is the first of its kind! Printed with an attractive water design on the top layer, WaterMark looks more natural than the standard ‘block’ of colour you get with a traditional solar cover, because we’ve put the look of the water on top of the cover! WaterMark can stop up to 99.84% of evaporation, and while it doesn’t heat as well as a Premium Blue cover, it does still heat the water. With a total thickness of 530 micron, this durable cover will give all the benefits of a traditional solar cover.
Oasis solar pool cover Independently tested, Oasis Premium Blue (550 micron) is proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation. With a deep ocean blue colour, a Premium Blue pool cover not only attracts more heat, but looks great too.  It's no wonder this new-comer has quickly positioned itself as one of our top-selling solar covers.
Silverback solar cover Oasis Silverback (550 micron) is suitable for all pools - indoors, outdoors, commercial and residential! It's translucent blue top attracts the sun’s rays, while a silver backing helps to hold the heat into the water. Like all our solar covers, it has been independently tested and proven able to prevent up to 99.84% of evaporation and comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty.
Triple Cell Pool Cover

Triple Cell - This revolutionary, ultra premium solar pool cover combines 3 bubbles into one unique, energy efficient shape. With a greater air zone, this uniquely designed cell offers better insulating properties, and greater protection from chlorine attack. It will stop over 99% of evaporation, and comes with a 12 year pro-rata warranty.

Oasis Clarity 550 micron

(550 micron) Our clearest cover, Clarity is highly translucent and lets you see through into the pool water. UV Stabilised for the Australian climate, it takes full advantage of the sun’s rays to let more heat in, for a warmer pool. It can prevent up to 99.84% of evaporation when in use.

oasis-250-pool-cover-abgal Oasis Solar Covers (Available in 250, 400 and 500 micron)
These traditional, translucent blue pool blankets can heat the water and cut water evaporation by up to 99.84%. The 250 micron is the lightest weight and therefore most economical, and the 500 micron is the most durable of this range. Warranties range from 3 years to 8 years, depending on thickness.

How do I measure my pool to know what size solar blanket I need?

blanket size To measure your pool for a solar cover, simply measure the pool length (at the longest point), and width (at the widest point), treating the pool as large rectangle. The pool cover sits inside the pool, and floats top on the water, so take your measurements from inside the pool, at the waterline. We add a little extra when we make it, to allow for any shrinkage, and so that you can leave the solar cover to roll up the inside of the pool wall a little, to stop leaves from falling into the water.

Most of the time, a pool is just measured as if it is a straight rectangle. The cover is supplied as a rectangle, and you trim it to shape on your pool once it arrives.

blanket sizeHowever, If you have a step out on one edge, that creates a lot of wastage, so you can opt to have a step piece welded on separately. To do this, your pool shop will need to know the length and width of the main cover, the length and width of the step, and also, the exact position of the step (Left flush, right flush, offset left or offset right). We also recommend a diagram be supplied to avoid issues – because solar covers are not reversible, you can’t just flip them over if its backwards. (The flat side faces up, and the bubble side faces down into the water).

Covers supplied this way will also need to be trimmed to an exact fit.

Caring for a solar cover?

A new solar cover requires very little maintenance – however, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. Always keep the solar cover covered when it is rolled or folded up on itself. Without the over-cover, the blanket can overheat very quickly, resulting in roller burn.
  2. Keep chlorine levels in check. They should never exceed 3ppm – to do so can cause chlorine damage and void warranties.
  3. If you have an automated chlorinator (yes, this includes salt and magnesium systems too), turn the output down by half as soon as you install a pool cover. If it is already running on its lowest setting, you should reduce its running time. Check levels regularly to ensure settings are correct to avoid over-chlorination.
  4. If using a cover system, make sure it is positioned correctly on the pool, to avoid unnecessary dragging over pavers or rocks.

How does a Solar Pool Cover work?

A cost effective and convenient way to save water and heat your pool at the same time, Solar blankets are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool. The blanket floats on top of the water (bubble side down) and allows solar energy to pass through - trapping and retaining the heat in your pool.

All ABGAL Oasis solar pool covers feature SmartBubble technology- the 'smartest' bubble profile on the market. Used in conjunction with a cover system, most residential pools can be covered and uncovered quickly and easily – often in around a minute.


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